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Friends, we’re writing to share incredible news - the new HELP Primary School is now slated to be completed at the end of September, three months earlier than anticipated thanks to the incredible generosity of our global community and the hard work of our local community.

That’s the good news. Actually, that’s the great news. But with that comes the challenge of reaching our fundraising goal sooner than anticipated.

For the children of Masese, TODAY is tomorrow. 

As the countdown to opening our new building continues, we are now in the final stretch to reach our fundraising goal. With $10,000 more to raise, we ask you to pass this message along to a friend who, like you, believes in the power of education!

We invite you to see how far we’ve come and hear Bwiire Davis, a student in P7 at HELP, share why the children are excited to return to school.

Thank you for helping to make this dream come true.

Your HELP Uganda Team 

Help us build a new classroom building


It all started when…

In April 2009 with one teacher and 45 children, HELP Uganda started a free primary school for the children in the slum village of Masese in an open air barn with no walls, electricity or books. 

8 years later with the help of a small team of American volunteers, and generous supporters, the school has grown to over 500 students and serves as hub for the community and it's development. After 2 small construction projects of a fence to protect the grounds and a computer lab, the school is in dire need of an actual school building. The current classrooms are housed in makeshift structures that make learning difficult, with no electricity and leaks every time it rains. 

Our plan is to build a school that will provide a suitable learning environment for the students we currently have, and in phases, add on to allow room for future expansion. The first phase would include the initial block of 8 classrooms which would get these children out of the dark, sometimes wet makeshift classrooms and into ones where they can focus on learning. The team in Uganda has worked tirelessly to develop a plan that can be built in 3 phases without interrupting classroom lessons, for a total estimate of $300,000 USD. Once we have secured funding of $100,000 for the first phase, we will begin construction while we continue to raise funds for the remaining phases.

HELP Uganda is run by a small group of US volunteers from NY, CO and WY, without any help from large sponsors. Every dollar raised goes directly to the project, as the only employees of the project are the Ugandan citizens that work for the school.

Yesterday... this community had no hope. With no education, no school, no clean water, no sanitation, malaria and yellow fever were rampant, children were lucky to eat every 3 days.

Today... there is hope. A school for 550 children who receive 2 meals a day, clean drinking water and latrines, cases of malaria and yellow fever minimized, increased income for community with vocational training and micro loan programs, computer lab for students and adult education classes, and a safe, secure environment for learning.

Tomorrow... hope springs eternal. A healthy, safe school building with electricity and a leak proof roof, a library, bathrooms with flushing toilets, more jobs as we add more students, a self sustainable economy for the entire community. 

Please consider making a donation in one of the following amounts and you will receive recognition on our "Wall of Hope" that will be a part of the new classroom building. Wall of Hope donors of $100 or more will have their name included on a brick inside the new classroom building!

  • $100 - Brick Builder

  • $250 - Friend of Help

  • $500 - Bronze Friend

  • $1,000 - Silver Friend

  • $2,500 - Gold Friend

  • $5,000 - Platinum Friend

  • $10,000 - Honorary Friend - Have a classroom named in your honor!

Donate here! https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/yesterday-today-tomorrow

Click Image above to donate!

Click Image above to donate!