30 Pieces of Silver or A Million Ugandan Schillings or $400

Have you ever wanted to ask Judas what he was thinking? We surmise different motives but I would just like to talk with him and see what on earth he was thinking.

I often look at babies and wonder what they are thinking.

Well, Judas is dead and babies can’t tell you what they are thinking so I should just give it up.

However, certain situations really make me wonder. Derrick, the 13 year old street boy I wrote about, stole money and ran away from the loving home he was invited into. For a bit of money he left safety, love, provision, education, opportunity, family and maybe a future. Now he is back on the streets and in a more dangerous city. Now why would he do that??? Is it just immature thinking? Is there something about the illusion of freedom of the streets I don’t understand? Is there a spiritual struggle going on here? Are drugs involved? I simply can’t imagine what would take a seemingly fine young man who had just been given a chance in life back to a way of life that was so very hard. Did he think money would buy him better than what he was leaving? Did Judas want the money? Or was he trying to prove some unimaginable something? Look what he left behind? The Lover of our souls. The one who offers eternity with God the Father.  Goodness, mercy, forgiveness, power and restoration were traded for a bit of money. Is that what Derrick walked away from too? It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. I can sure see that in this instance. What a shame! Makes me want to throw up! I would really like to know what he was thinking. Then I’d like to shake him until his teeth rattled! I pray someday he returns to his Father as the prodigal son, repentant and ready to live the life His Heavenly Father yearns for him to live. Then we will rejoice. Now I am worried sick.