African Camp

Sometimes kids just make you proud! If they are teens and young adults it is even sweeter!
I was in the library just having returned to the Ugandan village in East Africa I have come to love. A bus drove up and unloaded some of my very favorite people. They were just returning from a church camp we had sent them to over their Christmas break. The camp is called SALT and stands for Saved and Living True. I was impressed with their itinerary:

  • Morning Devotion [Quiet Time]
  • Drills & Chores & War room
  • Break Fast [See Menu Attached]
  • Teaching Sessions and Discussions [Sexual Relationships, Pride, Missions & Evangelism, Goals & Ambitions, Attitudes, Obedience to Man, Love &
  • Accepting myself, Personal relationships, Career guidance, Growing through failure, Temptation, Addictions, Anger & Personal rights]
  • Out door Games & Sports
  • Club House/ Campaigners/ Obstacle Course, Bon fire, Roasting
  • Lunch & Dinner & Tea Breaks
  • Chores

I remember camp well. I loved the fun times, inspirational times and the friends I made. I ask them to tell me all about their experiences. I was expecting to hear about the music and athletic competitions, the new friends and social times they had enjoyed. Instead they were excited to tell me what they learned. Each one gave a short report and all agreed that the lessons learned were the best part of their time.  (I think the food came in 2nd )

  • Harriet learned how to not give into temptations.
  • Hillary learned he could defeat Satan by prayer and fasting and keeping God’s Word in his heart.
  • Jackie learned that sex is good inside of marriage but leads to death outside of marriage.
  • Fauzia learned to put God first in everything.
  • Margaret learned that even Jesus was tempted Matthew 4: 1-5.
  • Elvin learned that if tempted you can discern and if the temptation is bad you can leave.
  • Juma memorized the books of the Gospels and found out gospel means “good news”. He also learned there are 39 books in the Old Testament and 29 in the New making 66 in all. In addition he knew the first 5 books of the Old Testament were written by Moses.
  • Betty  L. learned that if she is tempted she can put God’s word in her heart so she can overcome the temptation.
  • Betty Ajello remembered 1 John 15
  • Annette learned more about love. To love your neighbor as yourself
  • Betty learned to worship God through singing.
  • Henry learned that Satan is the tempter and to resist Him.
  • Billy learned to overcome temptation by filling his heart with the Word of God and listening to the leading of the Holy spirit. He said that if we don’t then it will be like we are building our houses on sand rather than on the Solid Rock. Matthew 3:17 and Matthew 4:5
  • Joel G learned that to believe in Jesus you can escape for sin and can overcome temptation. He wants to make God the center of life in all that he does. He also learned that it is important to keep our bodies pure.

Now you can see why I am so proud! I pray they can follow through living their lives in God’s everlasting love and knowing He is a forgiving God if they do fall into temptation.