Africa can be absolutely beautiful. It is not at all what I thought it would be before my first time here. I had the Tarzan stories in mind. You know; monkeys, jungle, swinging through the trees, snakes and all that. Some parts of Africa may be more like that maybe but this part isn’t. It is green but I don’t see vines to swing on. There are some rolling hills around us but no savannahs where we are with lions and elephants roaming around. I have only seen monkeys in parks. They were running loose and very fun but they aren’t plentiful in this area. We do drive through a jungle looking area that fascinates me as we drive to Kampala. I bet there are monkeys there and maybe even vines to swing on but from the road we are traveling on we see nothing but dense green. My imagination is fueled with the possibilities! The safaris I have gotten to experience have been amazing with lions, elephants, giraffes, exotic birds and much more but that is not the day to day Africa where we are.

Every day we travel over the Nile River. I love that! It is beautiful for sure. The Nile has such Biblical and historical importance that I hardly can believe I am actually viewing it in real life. I have been to a part of the Nile where the alligators and hippos were numerous but tonight I saw people swimming in it.

We decided to eat at the Black Lantern Restaurant as a treat. Not only is the food good but the main draw is the view. We sit out on a patio high on the side of a hill overlooking the Nile.

The sky was glorious through the greenery. Bright red flowers bloomed on a nearby tree. Lovely white flocks of birds flew through the air. The river was wide with currents and small fishing boats creating patterns on the surface of the water. For just a bit peace permeated our beings. Ahhhh! Africa!