Alex was his name. Magical, special and precious come close to describing him. I felt graced, humbled, and honored to be in his presence. I can’t quite believe he was real….except I was there holding his hand. I was the student and he the teacher. He never even said a word but I learned. I learned what pure worship looks like. With one hand over his heart, the other holding mine and his eyes closed, he sang softly and tenderly. Shutting out the world, his focus was total and unwavering. You could feel the love flowing from his little heart to his Jesus. Movement and noise swirled around him. Others were boisterous and playful but he was in a world all his own. He brought me in. I felt like I was on hallowed ground. The joy I felt as we worshipped there together is indescribable. Joy unspeakable and full of glory! I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a beam of heavenly light encompass us. I was taken away. I can’t imagine where he learned this. It seemed to have come from deep inside him but took us to heavenly places. Angels must feel this way in the presence of God. I wish I felt like that always. I had traveled across land and sea to be in this place at this moment in time. Here I am a red curly haired, freckled skin grandma joining in worship along side this dark skinned baby with liquid brown eyes. My tears flowed in reverence and awe. Thanksgiving for being allowed to experience God’s Holy presence with a true worshipper overwhelmed me. There is new meaning to Jesus words saying “Let the little children come unto me”. Alex is just 3 years old!