Billy Opwonya

I am Opwonya,Billy, born in 1987 on 12 January in a district known as Pade District in the village of Payiwula by Miss Adoro and Mr. Ali Bidoch, as my mother and my father. As soon as our mother delivered our last born, she fell sick. She was taken to the hospital where she later died. We were left with a young baby to look after. The baby also died and we were left six boys and two girls.

In 1992 I was taken to begin my kindergarten. During 1993 I was promoted to middle class. That was approximately when war burst in Northern Uganda.

Automatically there was no more schooling again. I had to stand still as the war goes on and on. When I reach 10 years old all the people were on the run to rescue their life from rebels , All my elder brothers and sisters had never gone to school because of the war. We lost most of our relatives.

When my father saw that war was not ending and every moment young children in my age were being arrested he took me to his brother in a place called Jinja. That is where I grew from. There I try to go for school but there were no school fees. I had to sit home because of fees for fouryears in Jinja. In 2003 I lost my father and life was really unfair to me. Even though my father was unable to give me fees he was still my parent. Now I was left an orphan.

In 2004 I decide to at least to look for fees by myself. How? By fishing in the the night and during day I go to school. It was not easy for me to pay for myself from grade three up to high level, One day I was drowning and somebody rescued me. I did all my level best to sit for my primary living Examination and I passed well. I began my secondary in 2005 in the school known as Bishorp Lawrence Secondary School. That is where I study from senior one up to senior three. I was promoted to upper classes but that was when I was sent off from school because they were demanding my fees from senior one up to senior four. That was the end of my school until April 2009 when I found Mr.Lubaale, Ben teaching young children in our community and I was interested in what he was doing.  I joined him and I do teach but the problem is I had never joined teaching course. I do teach well and I have experience.

Note: Billy is now in school in the evenings to complete his course of study to be a teacher while he continues to volunteer at the HELP Uganda Primary School during the day. A young doner and her family are paying his school fees. He is an asset to the school!