Bright Beginnings continued

In November of 2009 a small team from Colorado spent a couple of weeks shoring up the foundations of this project. We found that there were no toilets for the school and no nearby water. There was some dissention in the village that needed mending and government officials that needed to become involved. School supplies were carried from the USA in suitcases along with simple meds, some teaching supplies, a few shoes and clothes. A latrine was built and a faucet installed near the school. The Colorado team held a Vacation Bible School for the children of the village while the team leaders talked with village and government leaders and parents. Electricity was turned back on in the small building being used for the computer training in the vocational school and another sewing machine was bought so more could take tailoring classes. Hearts were linked and lives changed on both sides of the ocean. C lick to see a short video of the nursery/kindergarten Sandy Becker pictures 441