Evarine and Phine

I   am  Kisakye,  Evarine, I had   five children, unfortunately , one died on 27 -05-2010. I remained with four biological children, plus three orphans that I am caring for. My first born is in primary four, second born in  primary two, third born in  primary one  and the youngest  is at home. One of the orphans  I am caring for finished high school, one is primary five and the last one in primary four. We have been keeping some ones house without paying rent. Starting with July the owner asked us to look for our own house since she wants to occupy her house. So I and my husband are looking for a house to stay.

I do possess certificate in nursery teaching . I have no garden for digging yet my family is big.

Kisakye  Evarine

Note: Evarine was hired to teach in the Help Uganda Primary School February of 2010

I am Kegehi, Phine and we are five in the family of Pastor Manasseh of Light and Life Church . I am the eldest. I was born 1984 in Serem Hospital in Kenya.

I started my Primary One in Kamimei up to standard eight . I joined high school at Jinja Girls school in 2001 up to 2004 when we had  moved to Uganda.

I am a Kenyan by nationality, Aluya by tribe, married with one child. My age is 26.

This is the first school in which I started teaching. I have enjoyed theteaching very much and I do hope to for the course in teaching soon.

Note: Phine is volunteering at HELP Uganda Primary School until she can get funds to finish her teacher training. She also teaches Sunday School classes.