First Day

It’s been quite a day! So many different things were going on it is hard to know what to write about. I enjoyed renewing some friendships and already have been forming some new ones. The students performed their drama and dance that won 2nd place in the competition they entered. Everyone is so proud! Their drama addresses the fact many step children are treated very badly. Sad but true. Gives a new meaning to the stigma of step parents. Whenever someone marries for a second time the children are not accepted from the former marriage. Remember Hansel and Gretel? Too true to be funny!

The parents of the students wanted to thank us for what we are doing for their children. Since they have nothing to give us they decided to entertain us with their singing and dancing. We were touched at their obvious gratitude and desire to be a part of the good that is happening. These are just impoverished women trying to manage in  rather unfriendly circumstances. They love their children and feel pretty helpless to give them a good life. We are giving them hope that their children can have a better life than they could have provided. We want to empower them to not only survive but to prosper. I am continually humbled at the task God has set before us. I am also aware that He is a  BIG God and loves these people passionately. The more I am here the more I understand His love for them.