Getting There

The Fabulous 4 took the long trek across the ocean and two continents to arrive in Jinja, Uganda in East Africa. Bruce and Pam McCormick, Bob and Sandy Becker left Friday evening from Denver to  Uganda by way of London on British Air. None of us got much sleep due to a crying child. (I was back and forth between thinking the mom of that child was a saint and thinking she needed to swat that screamer.)

London was a 9 hour stop. It is a wonderful place to window shop and eat. From London we flew on to Uganda arriving at 7:30 AM Uganda time Sunday morning. Uganda is 9 hours ahead of Colorado time. Once again we were accompanied with a crying baby.

The Nile Guest House welcomed us back. We have new friends already.


Badru is our friend, driver and interpreter. He is a man of wisdom and experience with a great laugh. Teddy is the lovely new wife of Steven, who contacted us in the beginning of the Masese vision. She is traveling with us as well. It is nice to have a young woman along side us here. Jelliffe helped drive all our luggage (12 fifty pound bags and 2 carry ons apiece!). He works with World Vision but was volunteering with us today. I am looking forward to knowing him more. All of these new friends are part of a large lively church in Kampala. I would have loved to have visited their church this morning. Instead we decided to “be the church” to a young man with a heart connection to Sandy and Bob and their family. They are helping send him to the University with emotional, spiritual, and tution support. He is an orphan and has taken the Becker name as his. He proudly introduced them as his parents everywhere we went.  He seemed like a sincere young man deeply grateful for the help he is receiving. He was overcome with emotion as the Brecker family showered him with provisions they lovingly sent from their home in Colorado. Fred will make something of himself with this kind of love and encouragement coming his way. Bef0re he had no hope, now there is wind in his sails and a bright future ahead.