When relying on someone to get you from here to there in an unknown locale luck can be a big factor. I have had extremely good luck in my journeys to Uganda. Actually, to be quite truthful, I haven’t been the one in charge of this so I can’t really call it my good luck. In fact it may not be luck at all but a very real plan by my Heavenly Father to take good care of me as all good fathers would do for their daughters.

Coming into a foreign airport not knowing the person picking you up is a bit unnerving. What if they don’t show up? What if they take you somewhere you don’t really want to go? What if the vehicle they are using is not acceptable? What if they didn’t account for the amount of luggage you and your team have brought to be transported? What if they charge you more than you feel comfortable with (especially when there is a conversion to another currency)? What if you just don’t like them??? Or feel safe with them? Or can’t communicate with them? Oh my! Faith is really tested here!

So far I have been able to put my faith in Jean Kaye as the group leader and she has provided the very best possible for us. I have simply loved the two different men chosen to be our driver/translator/tour guide/caretaker/friend.

This trip we met Goodrue. Actually his name is Badrue. As he tells it, when he converted from a Muslim to a Christian he changed his name from Badrue to Goodrue. He was fun to tease so when he did something that could be construed a bit naughty we would say he had become Badrue again. He was Goodrue most of the time. We loved him. He was always making us laugh and every chance he got he would share words of wisdom from the Bible with us. In fact he could unsuspectingly pick up on a cue and turn the whole meeting into a chance to share about His Jesus.

He loved to find the Muslims in a crowd and privately ask them questions about their religion. He knew they wouldn’t have the answers . He is confident and competent with smile and a laugh that draws people to him regardless of what he is saying. You should see him swagger as he describes haughty people he calls “cowboys” that act like they know it all but really don’t have a leg to stand on. He tells it like it is. I hope he doesn’t get the wrong people giving him serious trouble someday! He can sing and drum like a professional. His greatest joy on our trip was Sandy’s IPOD. She had it loaded with hours and hours of Christian music. The only time Sandy ever saw it was when it needed a charge! It was always in Goodrue’s ear. He was constantly worshipping in this way. He served us well even though we teased him about sleeping in the driver’s seat while waiting for us. He never complained!! He did his job and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. He translated for us when we needed him to everywhere we went. One of the groups he translated for was the Business Class that Chris taught. He not only translated but helped his people understand what was meant by some of the concepts being taught. He was a student, a teacher, and a translator all at the same time. Chris says he is good enough to teach that class himself just after being there for her. Bob thought he was sharp enough to learn how to make reading glasses for a micro business. He learned and it will be good to see if he can profit from it. He is likely to give them away instead of selling them.

I wish him well in everything he attempts and really hope to see him again and again as I travel back to Uganda. Maybe someday I can take him an IPOD full of music he would love. He was a true blessing from above.