H.E.L.P. Uganda Primary School Newsletter #3 July 2010

The Third Term for the school is almost up. Testing is about to begin       and then break until mid September. I think I like this kind of schedule. There is no long summer break for kids to forget what they have learned and get bored.

This month the students were admitted to a competition in their division. They competed in music and drama. Remember that just a little over a year ago these children had no opportunity to attend school. They had no opportunity to excel, no opportunity to feel proud, really, just no opportunity. Now, with the help of HELP International and HELP Uganda and the amazing teachers at the HELP Uganda school 30 students worked hard and came in 2nd place in their division!

They get to go on to the district competition and hope to win there as well. Teacher Ben says they are good in drama and have a very good chance to win. While Jean Kaye was in Uganda in June she purchased drums, flutes and grass skirts for this competition. Soon I will have a YouTube video for you to see. Watch for it at helpintorg on YouTube. We are proud!!!

Phyne is now volunteering at the school. She was in her Teacher Training College when she ran out of funds to complete it. She loves teaching so is teaching at our school as a student teacher until she can finish her schooling. She is also a Sunday School teacher. We are happy to have her.

The brick making machine has been purchased but has not arrived yet. We found out we can’t put walls up on the existing structures as they are not strong enough to hold. We were disappointed in that and hope to shore these structures up to be used in the future. This first building will be a totally new building. It will have two large classrooms, a library, and a storage space. It is half as large as we would like but will serve the purpose we desperately need of having a place to secure school learning aids (computers, books, supplies, etc). Funding is still questionable but we are stepping out in faith. Looks like it will take at least $12,000 to build this building. Certainly couldn’t build one here for that amount but as Bruce says “That is a big gulp!”

Jean got to spend a day in Masese in June. She  introduced the brick making machine to the village.  A group went with her to see a building made from  this new style brick and to see the brick making  machine in production. From that there was a  steering committee formed to grease the wheels of  acceptance in the community. The container has been held up in Kampala. Most of the contents have just recently been delivered to the storage in Masese. Looks like we may do the distribution when we arrive in September. Some items are still being held in Kampala for an additional tax. Ugh!

The team is coming together nicely for the trip in September. There is still time for people to join. This promises to be a great trip! A business class will be available to some of the villagers who can then create a plan for a micro-business scholarship with their newfound knowledge. With the doctors, nurses and volunteer medical assistants we have on the team, there will be daily medical/dental clinics and health classes.

Several of us will be helping in the school; reading to kids, helping with their English and playing learning games with them. A feeding program will also be implemented for the students to improve their health, providing them energy to learn. And then, of course, there is the building project! Whew! Lots going on and we probably don’t know the half of it yet. Come see what God leads you to do. You might be surprised.

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In His Name,
Pam McCormick
Village Transformation-begins with the children