June 2011 HELP Uganda Newsletter

We are nearing the time to head back to our favorite part of the world, Jinja/Masese, Uganda. School has recently started their second term for this year. Have I told you they have about 3 months of school and then break for about a month throughout the year instead of the way we do going 9 months and then a 3 month break?
All three of our teachers have had their babies. Lydia and Evarine and Phyne all had little girls. Can’t wait to hold them!
Big news is the completion of the new kitchen along with a storage building and a pantry room. The innovative design Rich engineered is quite a hit. People are coming and taking pictures! As you will see in the pictures it is an open air kitchen with lots of exits for the smoke. They are delighted to have running water to clean with. The stoves are energy efficient using half as much wood. The Nursery/Kindergarten has been moved adjacent to the kitchen. There will be less distraction for the higher grades and more room to spread out for all classes. The little ones will get to eat first too. I am sure they will love that! This structure will be available for rent to villagers holding weddings, church functions, business meetings, etc. We haven’t been able to pay our cooks yet so maybe income from the rental will help with that.
The classroom building is partly in use now. Two classrooms have just opened up for use. There will be four large rooms. Teachers and students alike are in anticipation of the completion of their school building. Currently the outside walls are being left open as without electricity it will be too dark and too hot.
We hope to find funding for solar powered electricity. There is talk of some modular tables and benches being made that will store easily to help furnish the existing accommodations and be available for rent or transformation to solid furniture when the school rooms are all inhabitable.
As we prepare for the August trip please consider joining us. Looks like the cost is $3500 for the first two weeks in August. A Ugandan safari will cap off the trip. Viewing lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, hippos, are just a few of the animals you will probably see in their natural habitat. Much different than a zoo! Come serve the village and school with us as we bring illiteracy to knowledge in the school, growth and health through the feeding program and clinics and most of all love and concern to a desperate village.