I am Lydia Genowere, am a Luo by tribe.  I was born on 10th /October/ 1975 in Mulanda Subcouty, West Budama county in Tororo Disrict. My mom gave birth when she was at school, she got marriage to another man. I grew up with my grandmother.  Up to now they have never shown me my father. I started my grade one in 1980 in Amori Primary School up to grade four. At that time my mother collected me and I joined another family.  They welcomed me and showed me great love up to now.

I stayed for a year and  my co- father was stopped from work since he had a big family, he was unable to pay my school fees.

From there I begun to pay my self school fees by  working for teachers. There after money given to me, I  would used for my personal business for example selling dry fish and sugarcane up to high school when the school fees became too high for me to afford. So I decided to get married and   after two years I began  teaching as a licence teacher. I taught for one year.  I joined Bishorp Wills teacher’s college in Iganga for three years as in -service program, then i got my Certificate for grade

three teacher. I began teaching in Nabeta Primary School in Mayuge District. I taught for six years ,before deciding to come to Jinja. That was 2001. I joined Exodus Primary School, by bad luck it was private school that collapsed due to nonpayment of teachers salary. Afterward I join HELP Nursery and Primary School.At this time I was  single.

It was in November 2004 that  I was seperated with my husband. He had gotten another wife and he mistreated me badly. I end up in the hospital. While I was in the hospital he grabbed every thing and went with it, including my document and children’s birth certificates.

We had six children. Two died and we left with four children. His leaving  was the end of my children studies.  I had to struggle to look for job so that I can pay the house rent, food and medical services. Since I join HELP my family life had changed and I am proud of what I am doing because of your support. Although I am single I can do my best to look after my children.