March 2010 Newsletter

I am happy to be writing again as I have good reports to pass on to you.

The new school term began January 2. At the end of the previous term exams were taken. In the Primary 1 class there were 49 students. 42 of those students passed their tests and are promoted to Primary 2. 98 of the Kindergarten students sat for their exams. 41 of them passed. Now the Primary 1 class has 48 and the Kindergarten has 60. The new term started with the 3 classes but only two teachers and a volunteer. In February a new teacher was hired. Evarine is from the neighboring village of Walukuba. This takes some of the load off Ben and Lydia. Thank you again to those sending funds to support the teachers. We simply couldn’t have this school without the teachers. I am looking forward to meeting Evarine and hearing her story. We are very thankful for her.

Frank ordered a cooking pot and an energy efficient stove for the breakfast feeding program we hope to start very soon. The young people of a church in Denver, St. Barnabas Episcopal, are committing to help with the feeding of the school each month. That is an answer to prayer! Their first check is on its way! We bless them in their endeavors and pray they find open hearts for the task they desire to accomplish. We will start with beans and posho (a cornmeal based dish) and add to that as we have more resources. Already Frank reports that the availability of drinking water made the kids livelier than before. Getting some food in their stomachs will certainly enable them to learn better.

Frank also had 10 desks made at a cost of $22 each. These desks don’t have a seat with them but we had some chairs. We have shipped just under twenty more desks. That still leaves many students without a desk but at least we are starting. A couple of tables were also shipped. To get desks with a seat made the cost is $34 each.

Last Thursday the container was shipped off to Uganda for the equipping of this school. It is due to arrive mid June. Many things for the school and the community were sent. Micro business items, vocational school tools, a brick making machine, computers, school supplies, teaching aids, library books and bookshelves, crocs and for the students, rain gear for many of the students, clothing for the students and the community, text books and teaching manuals, learning games and aids are just some of what was shipped. One pretty fun provision came the very night before the loading of the container. Jean and I answered a call from some friends in Denver needing help with a donation of jerseys they had been blessed with. For our efforts they gave us all the jerseys we wanted. We took enough for both the young and the older men’s teams, for two teams at the school and for a girl’s team for their netball games. These are all brand new! God is so faithful!