Paper, Not Diamonds, Can Be a Girl’s Best Friend

Opportunity (according to Webster) is defined as; “A favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances”. A “golden” opportunity, a “window” of opportunity, “Leap at the opportunity”, “opportunity came knocking” are all phrases I can use to try to describe an event we were invited to in California last week.

H.E.L.P. International, meaning Jean Kaye and I in this instance, attended a Supplier’s Summit. We were invited by Full Circle Exchange, an innovative nonprofit social enterprise, who aims to “exponentially increase the reach of women artisans, farmers and social entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the development of more just economies and social systems as it pertains to the empowerment of women.”

Are you impressed yet? Let me continue…

We were invited to bring the Ugandan jewelry we so proudly market for our Masese village women to present to… are you ready?…! is seeking to empower women in the US and abroad! Through increased sourcing from women, to training, to enhancing women’s economic empowerment and increasing philanthropic giving towards
women’s economic empowerment is bringing to the public “Shopping For Good”.

And we are on the ground floor! Now you know what I mean by “opportunity”! It has come knocking and we are leaping at it!

We found ourselves having conversations with incredible women from Peru, Holland, Malaysia, Kenya, Rwanda, China, Canada, Palestine(living in Florida)and Canada. The talent was supremely superb, incredibly inspiring, and a bit intimidating. 

Let me tell you the best part. These women all are working with the underprivileged in some way. For instance the woman from Kenya has a home for special needs children. It is their mothers that make the goods she sells. Some work with the blind, the victims of rape, and others represent those working to help victims of sex trafficking. All have a cause beyond themselves. Isn’t that just like a woman! 

It is hard to comprehend the entire scope of the vision of the Full Circle gang. The women are forward thinking, powerful, compassionate and encouraging. And we get to play in this sandbox! Is God good or what!

We came away with more orders than originally spoken of and hope for replicating this model with some other big players. Just think how many marginalized women worldwide will reap the benefits of such programs! 

Women shape the world. Let’s empower them and see the good that happens. What a legacy!

The web offerings may not be available for a few months. Keep posted. Meanwhile, here’s the video that we presented at the summit. It helps explain why we do what we do.

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