There are the “signs of the times” the Bible talks about that we need to be mindful of. Like what is up with the birds falling out of the sky and the fish dying in mega amounts? We are told, also in the Bible, to write God’s laws on our doorposts and even carry them in a box strapped to our forehead. I read a book many years ago where the father put things he wanted his children to learn everywhere they would look. They knew he would be sure to post things in the bathroom! We used to have signs along the highways with wise sayings on them. Now it is a big business to put messages on billboards. I have even seen marriage proposals coming on banners from airplanes. Most of the internet sites are financed from messages being sent widespread throughout the world. Last week while hiking we had signs to tell us trail etiquette and to describe trail options. Tags are signs on clothes as is front or back messages on Tshirts. God puts signs in the heavens like “red sky at night sailor’s delight” and the ever beautiful rainbow bringing hope each time it is formed. In Africa signs are used to teach and guide as well. They are handmade signs for the most part but still powerful. I have seen large billboards promoting fidelity and family values. All teachers know the power of posters and messages being displayed around classrooms. While visiting different schools I have seen some wonderful efforts to teach and proclaim.