H.E.L.P. School

In April 2009, with one teacher and 45 children, HELP International Uganda birthed a free primary school for the children of Masese in an open air shed with some paper and pencils. Today there are more than 400 children and seven teachers in a new school building. Villagers are employed by the school as teachers, cooks, construction workers & brick makers.

Food & Nutrition

Prior to the establishment of the school, children ate once every three days. Since 2010 children receive lunch 5 days a week. For most of them these 5 meals are all they will eat all week. The original lunch was a plate of posho (mashed potato-like texture made from cornmeal) and beans but in 2013, thanks to some generous donors, we have added vegetables and fish a few days a week to implement a broader range of nutrition. Also in 2013, we have added a small breakfast program so that the children won’t have to start their school days on an empty stomach.


Zendia’s House/Program

In January 2013, we opened our first small orphanage where we our now providing a home for four boys and three girls. After getting the children's lives stabilized in a loving, supportive environment, they have all been transitioned into families where they can live in a more traditional family setting. Zendia's program has now evolved into a hybrid of our child sponsorship program and the US foster care system. We are committed to providing support to these children and their families into adulthood.


Community Computer Lab

With the help of many donors, we were able to build a new classroom block, complete with a computer lab. The computer lab not only provides important lessons for the children of the school, but it also gives us the ability to provide computer education for members of the community.