We are happy to announce we now have over 127 children sponsored!

By sponsoring a student in Masese, Uganda you are helping develop and equip a child living in abject poverty to raise themselves up out of their circumstances. Sponsorship ensures opportunity to develop cognitively, physically, economically, socially, and spiritually. Your support of $30.00 a month provideslunch fees, food beyond school meals, school supplies, medical assistance, bedding and blankets and family assistance. and most of all a chance to be encouraged, loved, guided and valued. In short, you will be giving your child a future and a hope.

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After sponsoring through Pay Pal please email your name, address and the name of the child you have chosen to  sponsormasese@gmail.com

Please note the emails will be opened in the order they are received, therefore it is best to have a first, second and third choice listed.

In addition, H.E.L.P. has moved into the role of giving the village of Masese a “hand up” with the establishment of a primary school for the children in the village not able to attend schools due to their parent’s extreme poverty

As a sponsor you will play a vital role in your child’s life. Helping that child will play a vital role in your life. You can build relationship through pictures and letters. Sponsorship is a meaningful experience that will touch every member of your family. You will even have an opportunity to travel to Uganda to meet your child with a team from H.E.L.P. International.H.E.L.P. International is a humanitarian aid organization that has been helping children and the underserved across the world since 2000. Shipments, medical teams, disaster relief and local support to families in need have been their focus. In addition H.E.L.P. has moved into the role of giving a village a “hand up” with the establishment of a primary school for the children in the village not able to attend schools due to their parent’s extreme poverty.Children around the world face a life of suffering and hardship. They are unable to attend school, are constantly exposed to hunger and disease. Many are neglected and abused. Ever so many die from preventable causes. Discover the heartfelt joy of sponsoring a child in need. Become a special friend and make a difference like the little boy throwing back his starfish (scroll to the bottom of the page for the story!)



For information on each child, click on their photo and hover over the photo for a short bio on each of them!


"Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai


Sponsor a teacher at the Help Primary School and help us affect the “fate of the earth”.

A teacher’s salary is $100 a month. Please consider helping us with that amount or a portion of that total. Every dollar helps as we strive to educate hundreds of impoverished Ugandan children.


Sponsoring a teacher not only helps them support their family but educates a whole classroom of students year after year.

To sponsor a teacher please send an email to helpugandamasese@gmail.com or fill out the form below!


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